Campus Involvement

Fashion Scholarship Fund

• Case Study Scholar Applicant

The Fashion Scholarship Fund allows fashion-oriented students to apply both their creativity and experience in solving a variety of different case studies. In 2021, I participated in a summer-long course to prepare my application to the Fashion Scholarship Fund. Through this course, I was able to develop, edit, and finalize my merchandising-based project.

Undergraduate Teaching Aide

• Retail Planning & Buying TA

In 2021, the Textiles, Merchandising, and Interiors department of UGA decided they should include an Undergraduate Teaching Aide position in the Retail Planning & Buying course. Due to having taken it and not only doing well but thoroughly enjoying the material, the professor, Dr. Lyu, reached out to me to ask if I would be willing to be her aide. As a Teaching Aide, I work with students to understand concepts and materials discussed in class throughout their weekly lectures.

National Retail Federation

• University Student Ambassador

I was chosen to be the University of Georgia’s University Student Ambassador for the National Retail Federation, NRF, by Dr. Clair McClure in January of 2021. In this position, I worked to grow the NRF on UGA’s campus as well as spread information about the opportunities offered by this organization. I served for the full calendar year of 2021, and I acted as a liaison between the NRF and UGA students.

Gamma Sigma Sigma

• Interim Corresponding Secretary

• Active Member

• Founder’s Day Committee

• Fall Fundraiser Committee

Delivery Committee

• MIT Recording Secretary

I have been a part of Gamma Sigma Sigma Chi Chapter, the non-selective service sorority at UGA, since September of 2019. In this sorority, I was provided the opportunity to serve as the Member-in-Training Recording Secretary where I was the go-to person for questions and answers about the recruitment process during the Member-in-Training period. In 2021, I served on the Fall Fundraiser, Delivery, and Founders’ Day Committees where I aided in delivering supplies and facilitating these events. As an active member, I work with different service organizations in Athens and the greater Atlanta area throughout the semester. From March 2021 to July 2021, I acted in the role of Interim Corresponding Secretary. In this position, I sent out weekly reminders of meetings as well as filtered through service petitioning for members and completed general correspondence with those outside the sorority.

Wesley Foundation

• Student Discipler

• Freshman Small Group Leader

Wesley Foundation is one of the many campus ministries located at the University of Georgia. In Wesley, I currently operate as a Student Discipler for younger students in our ministry. I meet with these people on a weekly basis to check-in and act as a guiding and resourceful leader. From 2019 to 2020, I was a Freshman Small Group Leader with Freshley, Wesley’s first-year ministry. In this position, my co-leader and I lead 12+ freshmen in a weekly small group throughout both semesters.

Student Merchandising Association

• Active Member

• Events Committee

• Styling

I joined the Student Merchandising Association, SMA, in Fall 2020. Since I joined, I have been able to help in the Events Committee by developing plans and locations for photoshoots, and I have provided resources and materials for the Styling Committee in their different Lookbook photoshoots.