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I find fashion to be in and of itself the purest form of self-expression. Whether someone finds themself in a monochrome outfit or dressed to the nines in gaudy jewels, they are depicting their internal existence as external appearance. I consider myself to be a mixture of Elle Woods with a sprinkling of Elton John in terms of fashion – nothing can ever be too crazy. I admire how people are able to look at different ideas or pieces of clothing and are able to create completely different stories surrounding it. While my design experience began mostly in college courses at UGA, I have always loved the art and styling of clothing. In the future, I see my love for design progressing both for leisure and as an occupational endeavor. My involvement in fashion gives me the opportunity to reach others through a creative outlet and allows self-expression to go far beyond where it ever has before.



Target Market

My target market for the Nighttime in Nashville collection is based on women ages 21-35. This is, on average, the age of the usual clientele that makes an appearance in Downtown Nashville, or Nashvegas. I want to cater towards the country party scene appearance of Nashvegas while still incorporating some traditional Nashville motifs such as cow print and bell bottoms. This target market is likely someone who enjoys hanging out with their friends, grabbing a drink after a long day, or listening to live music any day of the week. This person is not afraid to express themselves through varied textures, colors, and patterns that others may not find themselves privy to. While this person may find themselves in a full-time office job, they also make time to treat themselves however they see fit. Other brands that cater towards this type of individual include Dixie and Altar’d State, but the Nighttime in Nashville collection offers different options with different qualities to the consumer. Nighttime in Nashville is lower in price than Dixie and higher in quality than Altar’d State. It is considerably the perfect medium between the two competitor brands. This collection does not cater towards one specific body type, rather it provides options that work for both slim and curvy women and flatters each of them in their own way. This collection focuses on making the target customer feel the most confident in a city filled with comparison.


Target Market

The target market for my festival wear collection, Toddlers and Coachella, is children. Children between the ages of two to five that have musically-involved or inclined parents are often being brought to music festivals now more than ever. This is an underserved market because festival wear is usually made for teens and adults and is often very revealing which is not appropriate for children. These children come from all backgrounds with their similarity being based in their, or their parents, interest in music. The children being targeted, or their parents, have an interest in showy clothing that expresses a fun, bubbly, and creative personality to their peers. This line serves the underserved market by providing unrevealing, yet still festive and dramatic apparel for the children in this market and attending festivals.


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