Industry Experience

At Sun House Children’s Boutique, I manage nearly all social media, email, and texting campaigns that are delivered to customers. I utilize the content developed from our collections to create visually pleasing graphics that encourage customer sales. Data analysis, marketing tactics, and creative solutions embody my work at Sun House.

At Perazim Boutique, I have the opportunity to hone my skills regarding both in-store boutique management and social media marketing. I have developed countless methods to improve our customer interactions while staying true to the heart of our business.

When I was a part of the Couture a la Cart team, CALC, during the Spring 2021 semester, I was placed as the Vendor Relations coordinator. In this student-run entrepreneurial business, I worked with vendors to communicate, onboard, and organize everything pertaining to their businesses and merchandise in relation to CALC.

In such an unusual academic year with limited face-to-face in-class contact, Sofie has been a student consistently showing up in person to our classes. She enthusiastically participates with our class discussions and has made a point to meet with me on several occasions to discuss her professional goals. This must be why I feel so well acquainted with her in such a short time… Sofie has emerged as a significant student leader in the FACS college and in the TMI department.

Clair McClure

Executive Director & Professor, Couture a la Cart

In my time working with Bootlikker, LLC. I have aided the Vice President in forecasting sales plans for annual festivals and have managed some of the promotional and sales sides of our vendor booth at these festivals.

Sofie is an invaluable asset with her sharp insight and powerful instinct. When it comes to understanding your audience, Sofie knows the numbers.

Tommy Wood

Vice-President, Bootlikker, LLC

I worked as the forefront of customer service in retail locations through operating registers and hands-on selling in front of store settings. I provided insight to both managers and keyholders about the goings-on of the sales floor while helping exceed daily, weekly, and monthly sales goals. Usually, I functioned as the number one source for information regarding products and shipment facilitation.

Sofie Wood is a dedicated member of the Bath and Body Works team. She seeks to learn the various responsibilities by volunteering for different tasks. I see her potential as a leader because her work ethic and her aura compel others to follow her.

Monique Sheats

Assistant Manager, Bath & Body Works

With the Atlanta First Agency, I worked with vendors at the Mart in Atlanta. I acted as a Customer Sales Model to facilitate communication and selling between vendors and clients. This has allowed me to better understand the relationships that take place in the industry.

I gained real-life experience in fulfilling online orders, developing and displaying visual merchandising throughout the store, and understanding upselling techniques in regards to different types of customers.

During my time at the theatre, I expedited the flow of patrons through the theatre in the midst of actors and workers pre- and post-show. I also assisted in facilitating events, managing ticket sales for season ticket holders and intermittent patrons, and directing costume storage and organization in childrens’ productions.