Relevant Coursework

Fashion Courses Achieved

• Apparel Quality Analysis

• Creativity & the Design Process

• Digital Apparel Design

• Dress, Society, & Culture

• Fashion Product & Brand Management

• Fashion Promotion & Visual Merchandising

• Fundamentals of Fashion Merchandising

• Global Sourcing Apparel

• History of Dress

• Principles of Marketing

• Retail Case Studies

• Retail Entrepreneurship

Retail Planning & Buying

• Retailing Apparel & Textiles

• Textile & Apparel Economics

• Textile Testing

• Textiles

• Trend Analysis & Forecasting

Data Science Courses Achieved

• Consumer Policy and Programming

• Data Science Internship

• Evidence-Based Innovation

• Strategic Statistic Solutions

Data Science Internship

Internship Narrative

My final semester of undergraduate required a Quantitative Analysis internship. During this, I took the opportunity to continue my time with a company I had previously worked for. I was able to expand on my abilities as their Quality Analysis and Social Media Intern by brining data to the forefront of our company operations. This narrative depicts the changes I made to the company practices over a 5-month period that increased both our sales and consumer interactions.

Retail Case Studies

Ready-to-Wear Project

Retail Case Studies is a summer course that allowed my professor to aid me in creating and completing my project for the Fashion Scholarship Fund. I took an interest in the Merchandising Discipline and based my entire idea on creating more size inclusivity and sustainability in the untouched areas of the fashion industry.

Strategic Statistical Solutions

Factor Analysis Project

Strategic Statistical Solutions covers the basics of Exploratory Factor Analysis and Confirmatory Factor Analysis while working to create solutions to company problems. My group designed a set of meaningful groups and found our ideal customer that catered to finding a gap in the beauty industry and filling it.

Evidence-Based Innovation

Survey of Consumer Finances

Evidence-Based Innovation teaches regression and other data analysis methods through the lens of Excel. As a final graduate project for this course, I utilized the Survey of Consumer Finances to answer questions regarding the internal data. Through this, I performed statistical analysis to discover if marital and child status impacted the method of food acquisition for respondents of the survey.

Textiel & Apparel Economics

Apparel Impact Project

Textile and Apparel Economics teaches important information regarding how economics guides the decisions inside of the textile and apparel industries. In our final group project for this course, we created a pamphlet discussing the harmful effects of wearable technology. This was to combat the argument of the benefits of wearable technology.

Fashion Product & Brand Management

Ready-to-Wear Project

Fashion Product & Brand Management depicts the difference between Ready-to-Wear clothing and Couture clothing. In my Ready-to-Wear Project, my group and I analyzed a newer and lesser-known brand, TOVE Studio. Through our research, we developed information based on their historical data, milestones, product categories, and current target market in order to understand and predict their competitors and ideal clientele. We were also able to perform a SWOT analysis through this process.

Fashion Product & Brand Management

Fashion Trend Analysis

Fashion Product & Brand Management analyzes the in-depth reasons as to why products are created the way they are and how that relates to the management of the brand and company as a whole. In this assignment, my group and I worked to develop a Fashion Trend Analysis for the upcoming Fall/Winter season.

Global Sourcing Apparel

Business Simulations

Global Sourcing Apparel taught me how companies consider and develop their shipping and sourcing methods. It emphasized the importance of Consumer Social Responsibility, global sustainability, and pricing. In class, my group and I worked on business simulations for our self-made company. We then developed thorough descriptions of how our company would function in terms of our product, our shipping, and our standards.

Trend Analysis & Forecasting

Trend Book

Trend Analysis & Forecasting developed my skills of discovering, analyzing, and interpreting past and future trends. In my Trend Book, my group and I worked throughout the semester to forecast and develop future trends. We then turned out semester-long work into a finalized Trend Book that presents itself as a magazine or editorial. This project includes the materials, colors, textures, silhouettes, and styles of the upcoming season as well as a featured emerging designer in the industry.

Retail Apparel & Textiles

Omnichannel Retailing Project

Retail Apparel & Textiles taught me how retail companies functioned as a whole. In my Omnichannel Retailing Project, my group and I worked to develop a pitch for a brand new, seamlessly integrated clothing company. Through this we were able to thoroughly analyze our given target market, research  omnichannel retail strategies, and understand consumer purchasing habits.

Retail Planning & Buying

6 Month Buying Project

Retail Planning & Buying functioned as a source for the mathematics and buying strategies utilized in the fashion industry. In my 6 Month Buying Plan, my partner and I worked to develop line, size, color, and pattern distributions and an assortment plan for our given budget. This gave me insight on what a career in the buying industry of fashion would be like.

Fashion Show Event

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In my Fashion Promotion and Visual Merchandising course, I had the opportunity to plan a fashion show as my final project. I was responsible for crafting this imaginary event from start to finish including the budgeting aspects involved. In this project, I was also able to do research and develop a thorough plan involving the vendor, sponsors, models, technical design, and promotional materials utilized in this fashion show.

Fashion Promotion & Visual Merchandising

Field Report

Fashion Promotion and Visual Merchandising helped me learn the basic ins and outs of why stores and promotional methods are set up the way they are. In my Field Report, I was able to research and compare a big-box store and a boutique retailer in their promotional strategies.

Trend Analysis & Forecasting

Fashion Blog Website

Trend Analysis and Forecasting allowed me to better understand how trends are formulated and pursued. In this project, I worked all semester to research different upcoming trends and compose them into a fashion blog.